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Blocks for Children

Паровозик Комби-Блок с в

Train Combi-Block with trailer

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Auto Dump Truck

Паровозик Комби-Блок с в

Truck with blocks Maxi

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Online toy store wholesale

Toys are an integral part of childhood from the very first days. They contribute to the development of fine motor skills, logic, accuracy, coordination of movements, etc.are gaining popularity toys made of plastic from the manufacturer using hypoallergenic material.

Our online store is a place where you can buy plastic children's toys cheap, fast and convenient. Order plastic toys can anyone who cares about the safety of children. The affordable cost of purchasing plastic toys will be a nice addition to their good aesthetic and quality characteristics.

Here you can always buy children's toys wholesale:

  • Dump trucks and cars
  • Designers with a diverse number of parts
  • Buckets, shovels, sand molds, everything you need to play in the sandbox
  • Skittles, swings, slides
  • and much more.

In what online store cheap to order and buy toys from plastic wholesale?

The most favorable conditions on our website will find wishing to order plastic toys wholesale cheap at the price allowing to save pleasantly on arrangement of a children's corner in shopping center, a network of shops or rooms of the developing school.

Also, our offer will help to gain more profit from retail sales. Cheap to buy plastic toys in the online store can be delivered to Russia and CIS. We will provide transportation of the order to Moscow, Novgorod, Tver, Surgut, Omsk, Ufa, St. Petersburg, Rostov, Vologda, Astrakhan, Minsk, Novosibirsk and other cities.

About company Kasson

The Casson company which office is located in Moscow – one of the recognized Russian leaders in the field of wholesale trade in children's toys and balls for dry pools of own production.

The history of our activity began in 1996. The period from 1996 to the present day is marked by rapid growth and development, expansion of the network of distributors, strengthening of international relations with leading industry manufacturers. Already in the first years of its existence, the Company has taken a strong position in the wholesale of children's toys.

We offer the balanced range of children's plastic toys among which especially known: designers "Combi Block", "Maxi Block", Cars dump Trucks: "Tulip", "BelAZ" and the big range of sand sets. Our toy is distinguished by the quality and use of the latest technologies that meet the needs of the most demanding modern buyer.